The connection we have with Architecture, conceptual design and geometry have the foundation were we support our work everyday to develop jewelry that are not only a complement. They are pieces, sculptures and even emblems to.

Paola Velázquez.


What relationship could be between formal architecture and jewelry design? So far we could say that very little. But Paola Velazquez, has changed that notion completely.

Architecture graduate in Spain, one of the most demanding countries and with the longest tradition in that discipline. From a very young age, she has traveled the world knowing how to absorb the essence of each place. Of each circumstance and person that causes curiosity to her. That inquiry led her work at a prestigious architectural firm in Hong Kong. On the other side of the world he amplified her professional and personal experience for 3 years, her world became smaller. The imposing skyscrapers of the Asian New York were no longer enough. She was no longer impressed by the massive structures that overflowed the city. She wanted to make that world smaller. To reduce it to a minimum space where the strict study of the structures, the materials and the proportions, coexists with the simplicity the delicacy and the deep symbolism of a jewel.

It was then when she decided to abandon the opulence and sumptuousness of the mega architectural structures, to apply all the knowledge and experience acquired in a format unthinkable for most of her colleagues. A new expression of the most modern architecture. Minimal and elegant. Symbiotic with the most modern digital tools that facilitate the creation and allow to amplify the minimum and reduce the maximum. A dance between goldsmithing, technology and architecture that is only possible in our time.

Danilo Grande. 23/12/2016

Marian Miranda.

Diseñadora de Joyas.

Her excellence, her details and her control over work develop strong and lasting systems on which we not only defend our vision and destiny, but also on which we define new challenges. In constant growth and evolution, Marian Miranda develops her work in a perfect balance between perfectionism and creativity.